Monday, April 15, 2013

Time to Meet the Moms

Welcome to The Pomegranate Twig.  A blog formed by very different mothers who come together for good times, pomegranate flavored drinks, and fun stories.

Chantell- Written by Lynea

Chantell is the strong beautiful mother to 3 year old son J. When she is not chasing around her handsome little man, Chantell brings home the big bucks teaching the youth of today, trying to reverse their thinking that "reality TV  is not real life and an edumacation matters. She has recently begun a new journey in her life 40 pounds and a husband lighter, finding joy talking about health and nutrition. One day Chantell wants to be 100% organic, but disliking yard-work, she will not be growing her own food anytime soon.

Courtney- Written by Chantell
Introducing Courtney. She is a diligent, hard-working, stay-at-home mom who married her high school sweetheart in October of 2010. She and husband Tyler, met their freshman year of high school and have been inseparable ever since. She is mother to two very loving children: daughter J, is 3 years old and son C, is 1 years old. J is a spunky, cute little 3 year old who likes to dress herself and talk to her mom like a grown up. C is a pretty chill 1 year old who can hang with the "big kids" and not have a single meltdown (I can attest to this personally).
As well as being mom of the year, Courtney recently started teaching childbirth classes for a local hospital where we live. She has a passion for working with mothers and mothers-to-be and loves to share her wealth of knowledge and insight about breastfeeding, cloth diapering and many other “mommy” topics. Courtney’s dream is to become a midwife. She is working to achieve that goal by taking courses to become a certified doula first. She and her husband recently purchased their first home and are anxiously waiting to move in and make it their own. Introducing Courtney.

Lynea- Written by Tarah
Lynea is a hardworking domestic goddess who was kind enough to adopt her husband, Ken, from his mother in 2011. They have been happily married for two years, but happily bickering for the past four. She has since become a mother of three outstanding rugrats!
-A is an 8 year old beautiful little girl from her husband’s previous marriage who loves her role as Big Sister.
-Next in line would be L. Charming, flirtatious, and usually naked, he’s of course 3 years old.
-Last, not least, and by far the chunkiest, K. K will be 2 years old in November and has the cutest cloth diapered bottom I've ever seen.
Lynea has worked hard for her Associates in Psychology while chasing children and becoming a housewife. Lynea is one of the few hot mamas I know who can chase growing boys all day and still manage to look great while getting dinner on the table for her husband at the end of the day.

Tarah- Written by Courtney
Tarah is a bold and beautiful red head with the attitude that fits. She recently found herself single and back in her home state of CA after 5 years and two children.
First is L, a doll faced 4 year old (going on 13) who requires a "floating skirt" as a staple item in her daily wardrobe, and rocks out to Ferg-a-licious. Next is E, a bright eyed 1 year old who has the most incredible knack of bumping into walls and devouring all food in sight.
Tarah has maintained the ability to work from home to be the sole provider of her two adorable kids.
She is incredibly strong, vibrant, and with a slightly twisted sense of humor the best drinking buddy to be had. Should anyone dare to cheat her beware, she will come out ahead and usually for free!