Saturday, April 13, 2013

One of Those Rare Days...

Today was one of those very rare days with kids where it was calm and everything on the "to-do" list got "ta-done"! The kids played (mostly) lovingly together, laundry was completed (diapers were even folded and put away), I watched an entire movie I had been wanting to see, naps were taken, dinner was cooked completely in peace, both children ate their dinner without negotiation of bites left to be eaten, dishes were done by the husband, and the kids were bathed and ready for bed by 8.

It is really the first day since the birth of K, almost a year and a half ago, where I have seen there is going to be a time where my day is not filled with breaking up toy arguments, cooking dinner with kids pulling at my pants/shirt, seemingly never ending laundry, and re watching a movie 6 times before I have seen the whole thing. It brings both hope and sadness.

I may one day not feel as if I have been pulled 17 directions at once, hit, cried, snotted on, and dealt with poop (human or dog) the whole day. I may not need to stay up until midnight every night trying to regain my sanity from the days happenings.

As I sit reflecting on today, I can't help but smile and cry at the same time. My little guys are growing up and I am not needed in the same ways anymore. My little babies are turning into boys. I have said many times how I could not wait for days like today. I know every stage leaves a giant impact on you as a parent, but I never thought one day I would miss the things I sometimes dread from day to day.

And now to go prepare myself for tomorrow,  for we all know today has most certainly opened Pandora's Box for tomorrow...


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