Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Should I give it up on the first date?

The day started out perfect.  We locked eyes in the kitchen over coffee and tea and there was a spark. 

We took our time getting ready, no point in rushing a day like this.  We enjoyed each other’s company while I picked out a cute outfit and talked about the adventures we would go on.

First was a small strawberry farm to pick our own strawberries.  We walked up and down the fields with the sweet smell in the air, both excited to take a bite of the vibrant berries.  To my surprise, a beautiful picnic had been planned under a large oak tree.  Sandwiches, drinks, and a hunger for more.

With the car smelling like berries and excitement, we set off on an adventure.  Unsure where to go, we headed for the coast.
I opened the door and couldn't control my thrill when the saltiness of the air inhabited me.  I love the beach, and what better way to experience it than to ride a surrey on the boardwalk?  We laughed till tears formed at the funny looks from passersby and ran out of breath only 15 minutes into our ride.

With our extreme exhaustion an hour later, we decided to replace those burned calories with chocolate milkshakes and whip cream.  82 million calories have never tasted so good.

Walking barefoot in the water and sand, with our treats in hand, we talked about the joys of life and laughed about our adventurous day. 

On the way home, we listened and laughed while singing along to early 90’s music.

We stood in the kitchen drinking some homemade sangria and making manicotti… together.
The day ended with walks through the neighborhood and checking out the beautiful homes.

It was the perfect end to the perfect day.  I have never been on such an amazing date and enjoyed myself so much.  I laughed till I cried; I smiled the whole day through… I was happy.

The key to the perfect date is to date a woman.  A dear friend and I decided to spend the day with our children and forget about men completely.  We set out with five children between the two of us and enjoyed every aspect of the day. 

Thank you April, I thoroughly enjoyed your company and you looked HOT! 
Don’t get too excited gentlemen; I’m not turning lesbian just yet… 

Single mama of two pooping machines

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